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World Ready Canterbury

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Canterbury College: A Message from the Principal

While other schools may be seeking to persuade parents about whether by some narrow cherry-picked set of data that they are Number 1, Canterbury College has embarked on a journey to simply be the best school we can be. This starts with taking a wider view of success.

Focusing on the core elements of what makes a great school – the best teachers, coaches and instructors, a research based spelling, writing and reading program, opportunities for challenge and fun, a forward-thinking curriculum that ignites passions and opportunities for all-round development in service, outdoor education, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Our mantra is “World Ready” for a reason. And to be World Ready requires a broad suite of skills and dispositions.

What does it mean to be World Ready at the end of Year 12? Perhaps it is an ATAR that opens up the right doors for the university course a student has always dreamt of. Perhaps it means a set of life experiences at school that open their eyes and shape their character. It might also be the knowledge that when adversity arises, they have a set of skills and attitudes that allow them to problem-solve and move on quickly. To me, it means on their last day of school they walk out confident, compassionate and optimistic about what life will hold.

Academic results, both in subjects themselves and as manifested in ATARs and selection ranks occupy the lion’s share of a student’s attention in Year 12, and so they should. These scores hopefully demonstrate that they are capable of performing at the highest level for a sustained period of time across all subjects. They show that over the course of two years, they were able to conquer and master the assessment requirements and the uncertainty of external examinations.

But no person in life is judged purely on their academic results at school or university. Rather, we take a more holistic view of the attributes of successful people. Do they selflessly give back to their families and communities? Do they stay physically active and seek to challenge themselves by learning new skills, hobbies, sports or languages? Are they decent people – reliable and kind spouses, children, friends, voters, workmates, employees or employers?

We are a College for all round development of the individual, in the true grammar school tradition, with a multicultural student population and a modern Anglican, inclusive approach to diversity in all its forms.

We are not a ‘sporting’ school, nor an ‘academic’ school or an ‘arts’ school. We seek the best programs in all of these dimensions simultaneously to ensure we produce the type of education that is truly World Ready.

We launched the Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CCEL) this year. Our aim is for Canterbury to be recognised across the country as a leading provider of training and development in the spheres of student leadership and entrepreneurship. These two areas go hand in hand in preparing students to be World Ready.

We will host student conferences, professional development for teachers outside Canterbury and attract academics and industry leaders to help deliver programs. It is an exciting initiative and in addition to adding considerable value for our own students, will create significant buzz and reputational standing for the College.

I invite you and your family to visit our beautiful campus soon for a personal tour to see this development of world readiness in practice.

Mr Dan Walker


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