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Where to Find Work in 2021

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Looking for a new job? These are the most in-demand areas in 2021

Jobs are hard to come by as it is, even without a global pandemic occurring. Now, with hundreds of people out of a work, it’s harder than ever to get a job. 

The most up to date data from the Australia Bureau of Statistic (ABS) from November 2020, shows that more than 942,000 Australians are still officially unemployed and a further 1.3 million are working fewer hours than they would like to be.

The job of the market has changed, where will the jobs come from in 2021? 

  • Care-Giving Roles

Australia’s ageing population had boosted demand for healthcare workers well before the pandemic, but the arrival of COVID-19 only added to the worker shortage.

As a result, the National Skills Commission predicts the ‘health care and social assistance’ industry will experience rapid employment growth in 2021 and describes it as one of the most resilient. 

The health industry is already the country’s largest and accounts for 14 per cent of the Australian workforce.

  • Technology-Related Industries

2020 was the year of reinvention. Suddenly we had to adapt to a whole new way of doing things, including Zoom meetings, working from home and doing the majority of things online.

This forced an opportunity for business to enhance their online presence and adopt new technologies to bolster cybersecurity and communicate with staff and clients.

These changes have added new roles to the ever-expanding list of technology-based opportunities, and are likely to have instilled permanent change within the economy. Jobs like data analysts are in high demand as most companies extract data from customers and need people to make sense of it.

  • Logistics, Warehousing and Retail

With the recent lockdowns and being forced to stay indoors, Australians flocked to online shopping sites in their droves this year.

This surge of online activity has created opportunities for web designers and eCommerce experts, while also boosting demand for warehouse operatives and logistics specialists.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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