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What Do You Think Happens At Child Care?

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By Busy Butterflies Education and Care Services.

Lots of playing may be your answer. Did you know that children of all ages learn naturally through play?

It’s how they explore, make sense of the world, express their curiosity, and have fun.

Play teaches children to become autonomous learners, develop a lifelong passion for learning.

Play assists in the development of children’s numeracy and literacy skills, and the development of their fine and gross motor skills.

Play helps children to learn and develop language skills and vocabulary skills, learn about critical thinking and problem, solving skills.

Busy Butterflies Family Day Care educators provide opportunities for inside and outside play, in-home environments that are designed around the needs, ages and interests of the children understanding that these environments and play spaces foster creativity and imagination in the children they have in care.

Busy Butterflies educators embed sustainable practices by teaching children through their actions, activities and experiences in their space as well as in their local communities.

Educators in Busy Butterflies Service understand the importance of language and this is a Priority, and in family daycare with low ratios and more opportunities for one on one interactions and conversations, our educators use the 3A abecedarian approaches strategies of Enriched caregiving, conversational reading and Learning games to really encourage their language development and share these ideas with families.

Play gives children opportunities to discover their emotions and opportunities to learn to understand their feelings. Our educators assist in encouraging children to show emotions, validate how they are feeling and put these into perspective using the zone of regulation to keep them in a green zone and feeling calm and happy. These strategies help children to build confidence and social skills and assists children to develop emotional maturity.

Busy Butterflies Educators really understand the importance of play and the part they also play in the children’s learning. Information on children’s learning is shared with their children’s families through their documentation. Family Day Care educators must ensure they have planning cycles for children.

This is done by: observing children through their play, plan for their learning, act on that information, then reflect.

This information’s shows families how their child has been learning through play and why it is so important.

For more information, head to www.busybutterflies.com.au.

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