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What age do you feel most body confidence?

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If you struggle with poor body image, then you’re not alone. Even the most confident people feel self-conscious from time to time and we all have body hang-ups.

But don’t stress. According to a new study, published in the December 2021 issue of the journal, Body Image, body confidence only gets better with age. The study assessed six years of data on more than 15,000 women aged between 18 and 94, and found that body satisfaction improved across the lifespan in both men and women (though men consistently displayed higher levels of body satisfaction across their lifespan than women).

With that in mind, what age have you felt sexiest?

We asked the local community and here are some of the responses we got.

Kim, Underwood: I’m going to say my highest body confidence was in my late 20’s when I ran 40 km a week. Fittest I’ve ever been. I think (for me at least) my body confidence comes from feeling fit and healthy. If I’ve been eating clean and exercising- I feel good inside and out. If I’ve haven’t been eating well – well I just don’t feel good inside or out.

Greta, Beenleigh: The body confidence changes when you can look back at a photo of yourself some years later and realise you were too critical and hard on your self

Martina, Cornubia: As long my body is healthy and I can move and exercise some I am grateful. Maybe it is because we people over 65 are more realistic… I had a great body as a young woman but was way more insecure than I am now. And there is the whole don’t care what people think thing does also help.

Leonie, Springwood: Nobody notices women over the age of fifty, so we stop giving a toss about the way we look to others. It’s tremendously liberating once you get past the sadness.

Robin, Jimboomba: Apart from teenage years when self-consciousness is wired in, I wish more people across genders would stop giving a toss, especially peers judging peers. Sadly, the image industry depends on pouty posy insecure narcissism. Nice to feel well and to find a style of clothing that’s comfortable. Apart from that forget others. Having kids normally puts a stop to that nonsense anyway. When you’re sleep deprived getting dressed is an achievement.

Wilfred, North MacLean: What I look like is the ‘least of my worries’ is perfectly correct. At 63 I really don’t give a toss. All the billionaires like Branson think they’re going to live to 150. Then most of their body won’t be original any way.

Al, Rochedale: At 62, and still hitting the gym 5x a week, walking for 2 hours a day, holidaying in the mountains all over the world, and eating a healthy vegetarian diet, I think I’ve earned my “body confidence”.

Kitty, Mount Warren Park: Nope. Your body confidence doesn’t increase, it’s just that the older you get the less you give a toss what other people think.

David, : I think it’s to do with failing eyesight. Increasingly, you can’t really see what the ravages of time have inflicted.

Hector, Underwood: I had far more body confidence when I was young, toned, fit and muscular than I have now…

Steve, Yarrabilba: Since I turned 18, I’ve not really paid much attention to my age. In my mind I am still just me. However, I do wish that whiskery old bloke would stop peering in through the window above the bathroom sink. Very disconcerting first thing in the morning.

We would love to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Emily Stack
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