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TO MY DAD… WITH LOVE: Celebrating Logan Father’s

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To celebrate this Father’s Day, we reached out to the local community and asked them to share beautiful memories of their fathers. Here are some of the entries we’ve received.

Joys of Being New Parents

By April Breene

Parenting isn’t easy but there’s no person I’d rather be doing it with than Adam. Adam and I recently had our first child in June of this year. He has stepped up to every challenge and supported me as a new mum but most importantly loved our daughter endlessly.

Adam gets down and dirty when it comes to nappy changes and will stay up throughout the night to settle our baby girl so I can rest. He loves making her smile and laugh. Mila and Adam are the best of friends and it is all so beautiful to watch the man I love, love our baby girl.

Adam is smashing fatherhood and Mila is lucky to have such an amazing person to call her dad.

Photo: Adam and his daughter, Mila.
Photo: Liyana and her father

Me and My Dad

By Liyana Tashfia (16-08-2022)

Me and my dad go bike riding
Daily, half an hour
He makes me laugh
While we watch kangaroos
Through my window
He keeps me on the right path
I love my dad
He makes me so glad

To My Dad

By Lincoln, 3 years old.
“I love Dad SO much!
I love going to the shed with my Dad. We play magnets, rocket ships and with switches.
My Dad helps me sleep at night because he’s very warm.”
Photo: Lincoln (left), his Dad, Simon and brother, Hugo
Photo: Madisen, School Captain: Canterbury College

“My dad, Eiko James Iva, is my most formidable competitor, harshest critic and biggest supporter. He’s the person I strive to be like. He’s my benchmark in all I do. He’s one of the hardest working people I know, and it’s something I admire most about him. He’s the only voice I tend to hear in a roaring crowd during my games; he’s the face I look for in the audience when I speak at a lectern, and he’s the only person who can claim the title of my first ever best friend. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and while I may not see it at the moment, it pushes me to do the best I can.

My greatest achievements in life are the things that make him and my mumma proud. We don’t share a very openly affectionate relationship, but I love him wholeheartedly. I get a lot of things wrong, and I know I’m not the perfect daughter but he loves me as if I was one. Happy Father’s Day, coach; I love you!”

By Madisen

“My dad has always been an amazing person in my life. Whether it be practising Volleyball in the backyard or helping me with my maths, we always find a way to make
it fun and entertaining. I don’t think I can recall a day where he hasn’t been there for every sports match I have ever had, whether it be Tennis or Volleyball. He has always supported me through everything and has
taught me so much that I am grateful for. I love all our jokes, and I don’t think there is a day when he doesn’t make me laugh. Volim te puno tata!”
By Kristina
Photo: Kristina, School Captain: Canterbury College
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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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