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Tina’s Travels –What’s Happened to Cruising?

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Cruising.  Where is it and why hasn’t it been brought back? That’s the question on a lot of minds as the human biosecurity period banning international cruise ships has been extended until the 17th April 2022.

We all know how it started but what’s on the mind of a lot of avid cruisers is when will it start again? As the remainder of the world gets back onboard a ship, Australian cruise enthusiasts are being forced to travel to different countries around the world to experience the onboard feeling. 

In June of 2020, as we were subject to lockdowns and border closures, cruises began operating around the world and as I currently write this article there have been estimated to be 7.5 million passengers that have sailed on a cruise from this start date. 

How you may ask? The successful implementation of cruise line health measures has been key to the cruise revival.  These health measures, most being science-led, have allowed for the successful resumption of sailings to approx. 68% of cruising berths around the world.   Now, we know that no setting is immune from COVID-19.   The difference however is that cruise ships are subject to stringent measures that include testing and vaccination requirements before boarding and detailed response plans to manage any suspected cases on board.  This isn’t true in most land-based settings, and it’s now clear the incidence of COVID-19 is far lower on cruise ships than it is on land. (CLIA)

Tina from Hello World Travel Rochedale

As we (passengers) sit and wait for the government to decide on the restart of cruising, cruise companies are having to rethink the Australian market and to date, both Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises have repositioned ships dedicated to the Australian market to other regions of the world that are operating successfully.  Any why wouldn’t they?

Whether you are an avid cruiser or not you cannot deny the facts and figures of what the Cruise Industry brings.  Each year, more than $5 billion is contributed to local economies from the cruise industry in both Australia and New Zealand and they support 25,000 jobs across the region. 

It will require a concerted effort from those who not only wish to see cruises resume for their own personal enjoyment but also those who both, directly and indirectly, benefit from this industry and its far-reaching employment power – from the local food producers to the forklift operators on the wharf.

What can you do to help? Click here to visit the Ready, Set, Sail website that is managed by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) and have your say in support of the return of the Australian Cruise market. 

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Tina Pizzoni
Tina Pizzoni
Local Travel Agent and passionate travel enthusiast.
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