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The Ageston Brickworks

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It is not widely known, but there was a brick and tile works at Ageston as early as 1883. The following article from the Logan Witness of 21 July 1883 p.3 describes the beginning:

‘The Ageston Brick and Tile Works.

A short time ago we mentioned in the Witness that Mr Couldery, of the Ageston Plantation, at the mouth of the Logan River, had imported an improved brick and tile machine from England, and that he was about to commence the manufacture for sale of bricks and tiles in large qualities.

We paid a visit to the works the other day, and found Mr Hickson, the manager for Mr. Coldery, hard at work, having got the machine fixed and making bricks of a very superior class.                                                     

The machine is the manufacture of Messrs. Clayton, Houlett, and Venables, and with a stronger engine than the one now used, would be capable of making up to 15,000 bricks or tiles per day.

The present engine is only ten horsepower, and one of fourteen horsepower is required to keep the clay well mixed and forced out regular…’

Three types of bricks (common, fancy and firebricks), as well tiles and drain-pipes were manufactured. These were of sufficient quality to win prizes at exhibitions, and be sold on the Brisbane market and as far as Gympie. Ageston bricks were valued as furnace linings because of their ability to withstand 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Below is a photo of the Harch Museum at The Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum.

Several Ageston bricks were used in its construction. The Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum is an open-air museum at 205 Main Street, Beenleigh. It preserves twenty buildings from Beenleigh’s past which contain many collections related to the history of this district.  

Open 7.30 am to 3.00 pm, Telephone: (07) 3382 0608.

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