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Local marketing is defined as marketing strategies and tactics that target potential customers locally within a certain radius of a business – typically within 25km. Sometimes called neighbourhood marketing or location-based marketing, it can consist of traditional offline marketing or online marketing that is geographically targeted. Frequently today, local marketing includes a combination of both strategies.

Local businesses may get 100% of their customers from within a few kilometres. You may have heard the phrase “main street business” or “high street business” This refers to the fact that small businesses depend literally on foot traffic or being seen on main thorough fares.

So even though a local business an find success marketing online, it takes strict geographical focus. Otherwise, you could end up wasting time and money to attract website visitors from across the country who have zero chance of ever visiting your shop or buying anything.

Here are two tips on how to connect with your locals

Engaging with the Community

It may sound obvious, but getting involved with the local community is crucial to local marketing.

Another great thing: community engagement costs little. Examples of this strategy include participating in community festivals, contests and seasonal events.

Or your business could sponsor local events like high school music and drama performances, or sponsor sports teams.

Another example involves small business owners volunteering time with charity and causes locally.

You’ll meet plenty of people, establish goodwill by doing something good, and build brand awareness.

Its your story…

Tell the story of your business or your personal story as the founder.

Telling a story generates human interest and makes your brand name memorable. Telling your story helps prospects relate to your business making them more likely to buy from you.

An interesting story of how your business got started also cements the bond that existing customers have, making them less likely to abandon you for the shiny new chain down the street.

Tell your story in ads, online videos, blog posts or your About Us page. Another example: a local family restaurant might tell their business history in autographed photographs hung on the wall.

For founder stories, remember

  • If you’re from the area, emphasise your ties to the community. Talk about growing up locally, what you love most about the area and what the residents mean to you.
  • Entrepreneurs new to an area can talk about why they chose to move there.

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