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Talking Finance: Better Mortgage Choice

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The team from Mortgage Choice Underwood are here to help

Buying your new home is an exciting event in a person’s life, however it can also be
very stressful time, especially when applying for a loan. That is why Yu-hann and his team from Mortgage Choice Underwood are there to help you through.

Prior to joining Mortgage Choice, he worked as a senior trusted advisor in the IT industry for 15 years, while honing his skills in the finance and property markets.

However, in 2015 he started as an individual broker; deciding he wanted a change; choosing to help make a difference in people’s lives.

In 2016, Yu-hann opened Mortgage Choice in Underwood strategically placing himself to service both the Logan & Southside of Brisbane community. Building his company from the ground up, he and his team worked hard to grow and develop the business to where it is now.

Lead by Yu-hann, the Main Mortgage Broker, the team includes Farisha, who guides their clients through the loan process and conveyancing; and Shirley, who manages the accounts and marketing.

“We all have our personal circumstances at every point in time and hence no one deal is ever the same. We are committed to spend time with you to listen and analyse your requirements and identify suitable options” said Yu-hann.

Currently we are looking to hire two more staff to adequately service the demand. He added.

Having family in Logan, and as a mortgage broker in the local area, his knowledge and experience helps clients look at the bigger picture and adopt products that best suit their needs.

Different to most brokers who came from a lending background, Yu-hann has always been on the customer side of the fence, which allows him to appreciate more of what clients would expect from his services.

Yu-hann and his team are dedicated to making lives of their clientele better; even if it’s not necessarily buying a house. And for this customer focused approach Yu-hann and team are swept off their feet with record number of enquiries and applications so far in 2021.

Yu-hann endeavours to build a long-lasting partnership with his clients, helping them succeed in life just as he does for himself.

Whether it’s a home loan, car loan or purely seeking general advice, you can expect to deal with a genuine, trustworthy and down-to-earth person. Yu-hann holds his integrity to very high standards.

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