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Summer Beauty Tips You Should Try

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Summer, like winter, requires its own special beauty tricks. As we are experiencing the summer heat, it is important to have a proper skincare and beauty regime that not only takes care of your skin but also helps you look good in the harsh weather.

Below are some tips to keep you looking your best this summer.

Keep your face protected from the sun This means SPF of at least 40, preferably higher. And wear a hat when at the pool or the beach. Reapply often.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Other Parts – Studies show while most women know to put sunscreen on their faces, they skip their chests, hands and necks. Make sure when you apply sunscreen, take a couple of minutes to slather it on your cheek and neck.

Less is More – Don’t try to cake on too much makeup; especially true in the warm summer months when you naturally want to wear less makeup.

Lighten up your skin-care routine – The heat and humidity of summer mean you can swap out a heavier cleanser (think cream or oil cleanser) in favour of a gentle, foaming option.

Don’t over-exfoliate as you might in winter. Exfoliating removes the top layers of the skin, making it extra susceptible to sunburn.

Try not to shampoo daily. Instead, use a dry shampoo to soak up any extra oils. Your hair will be healthier.

Replace your heavy with a lighter one – During the depths of winter, your skin may need a more decadent cream, but when it’s hot and humid, a lighter gel moisturizer that hydrates without feeling heavy. Thicker moisturizers can lead to clogged pores, inflammation, and acne; especially if you have acne-prone or oily skin.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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