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Specialists in Primary Education

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Creativity at Bethania

All children are naturally creative and curious, and thrive when given the opportunity to cultivate their creativity. Here at Bethania Lutheran School, we nurture curiosity from the moment they walk through our doors until the day they graduate, providing them with the tools they need to wonder, question and design creative ideas.

Learning Culture

Bethania Lutheran School is proud to have a solid, inclusive learning culture, where every child’s uniqueness is appreciated. Student engagement is a major focus, with our teachers designing learning experiences to get our students excited, motivated and thinking creatively, capturing their interest as they meaningfully explore real world problems.

We have high standards for our students to achieve their personal best and to challenge themselves to grow and progress both academically and emotionally.

BLS are developing self directed, creative thinkers, problem solvers and independent learners, encouraging our students to take risks in a safe environment.

‘An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail,’ Dr Edwikn Land.

Learning Spaces

The culture of a Learning Space, also has it’s hand in creating creative students, in creating the long term memories for our students. Agile and outdoor Learning Spaces allow for flexibility in the classroom layout to suit students preferred learning style. Students develop an awareness of their own learning style and are trusted to make choices about how they learn best.

The learning culture at BLS together with our flexible learning spaces, provide students the opportunity to think deeply, and creatively.

Call for a personalised tour of our state of the art contemporary learning facilities and experience Bethania for yourself.

Ph. 07 5200 5363 | Email: bethania@bethania.qld.edu.au

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