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Something New Has Come to Marsden!

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By Haroon Sufi, Director of Belluccio Property Group

Belluccio Property Group (BPG) has recently renovated an old and outdated commercial building to make way for their new flagship office where dreams become reality.

Located on Barklya Place (off Chambers Flat Road), the office is surrounded by 5-6 other real estate agencies. The difference is they focus on brand new land developments, townhouses, and houses.

Director Haroon Sufi wants to lift the area and its reputation.

“Everyone tells me this is too fancy for Marsden, I think it’s about time we start lifting the area, a lot of our clients are building their first homes and spending between $450k-$500k”.

Belluccio Property Group is a boutique development and project marketing company that specialises in bringing land developers, builders and buyers together. Helping renters get out of renting and into home ownership is the goal of Haroon Sufi, Director of BPG.

“We have helped over 400 first home buyers purchase over the years, the feeling of assisting someone into home ownership is our goal”.

They work very closely with selected land developers and assist them with creating vibrant residential communities, where people build with their preferred builder and enjoy coming home.

Recently, BPG has moved into property management, as they have first home buyers who have turn into investors, came to the team and asked if they would manage their biggest investment.

Alisha Golding who has been with the company for a year, runs the property management division. They look after 60+ properties in the area.

In 2015, Haroon launched one of the first residential estates in Park Ridge and helped the first 104 people buy.

“Land Prices were from $180k for 400 sqm. At that time, no one wanted to come to Park Ridge, now land prices are sitting at $240k for 400sqm, that is a 60k increase since the last 5 years”.

They have a team dedicated to assisting with finance, finding a preferred location and even assisting with the design and selection of a builder to provide you with a full solution. They work with all reputable builders in South East Qld, there is almost no builder here which hasn’t built in one of our communities.

“I was 18 years old when I purchased my first block of land and built my first house in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs at 19”.

Since then, Haroon has gained wealth of experience and is able to assist you through the process of buying and building your home.

If you would like to learn more about the Belluccio Property Group and how they can help you, then head to their website, https://www.bellucciopropertygroup.com/ or call 07 3128 0887 to speak to Haroon and his team today.

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