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Skin Care For The Gym: What To Do Before And After You Sweat

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Working out can be beneficial for both our mental and physical health. But what about our skin? Is working out making it worse?

If you go to the gym, you know they tend to be kind of gross. You’ve got a bunch of sweaty people sharing the same equipment, potentially without disinfecting it properly, touching everything from the water fountains to the lockers to the dumbbells.

Then there’s the inevitability of touching your face, potentially spreading germs and bacteria (and maybe other people’s sweat) onto your own skin and into your pores. Other factors, like your own hair, can affect whether you experience breakouts or dryness.

We’ve compiled some skincare tips for people who love to exercise.

1. If you can skip the makeup.

If you’re about to head to a workout, it’s best to do so with a clean, makeup-free face. As your body heats up during a workout, your pores open and you don’t want that makeup to settle back into the pores. When you’re working out, your skin should be able to breathe.

2. Always, always, always wash your face post-workout.

This one is a must whether you do or don’t wear makeup to the gym.

It’s very important to clean the skin gently following a workout to remove bacteria and sweat residue that accumulated during your workout. It’s also helpful to cool off skin to prevent breaking of blood vessels and return skin temperature to a normal level quicker.

3. Keep your hair off your face.

If you have longer hair ― this goes for both men and women ― it’s best to keep it pulled back and away from your face during a workout. This helps prevent oils (not to mention any hair products you used that day) from clogging your pores, which can cause breakouts.

4. Don’t touch your face!

Gyms are full of germs and other people’s sweat, which should be enough to convince you not to touch your face when you’re at the gym. This tip is especially important for anyone who’s working with various apparatuses that others are also using, as you don’t want to spread any bacteria onto your skin. At the end of your workout, be sure to wash your hands and wipe your face.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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