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Simplify Your Systems

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The last few weeks of January and the beginning of February have been trying to say the least. Staff to no staff, low sales, Covid all around us making us focus on continual care of people. Take time to simplify
our projects, goals, and tasks, we are all foreseeing looking forward to moving forward, but there are continual steps backwards for many of us.

What can we take from all our experiences doesn’t make sense in small moments, to think differently, think positively, move forward and to achieving a productive 2022? Maybe we can apply or simplify our systems and processes into simple positive small steps.

1. Why not re-examine our obstacles or blockers to success? Do you have a plan A and a Plan B? Is there another way around, under or over to be able to achieve our success – is there someone that can help with a creative idea or resources. Why not just ask, Why not go to your creative corner- a walk along the beach, a swim, a sit in a corner of your garden, or listen to music for an hour – empty the cup and let your brain do its own thinking. An hour of brain rest often allows you to achieve …

2. Can you lose One Goal that no longer serves you to focus on another one that is a priority. We all have a list a mile long – this in itself can be a distraction. Focus on a max of 5 goals at a time – this might help you to achieve the priority and help you focus on those important outcomes.

3. Focus on One success you have had in the last year – revel in it. Then look at the system or process behind it that made it successful – can you duplicate or apply that same process to your next project.

“Our mindset controls the passion that inspires us and the determination that drives us” Helen Cowley Need to talk over your Systems?

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