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Restoring the Balance

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Gymnastics at PCYC

PCYC Beenleigh offers a variety of gymnastics programs for different age groups and abilities. Our pathways program allows your child to progress at their own pace and all classes are delivered by qualified and accredited coaches.

Under 5’s – starting at 18months old our under 5’s program can help your child build skills for life in a fun and active environment. These classes introduce basic skills and strength building activities, where interaction between you and your child is a key developmental component. Our program is designed to build motor skills and coordination, social skills and confidence.

Recreational Program – Exclusive to PCYC Queensland, our Recreational Gymnastics program is a unique, progressive and non-competitive developmental pathway for gymnasts of all ages and abilities – providing a clear, defined pathway for gymnastics learning. Our new and improved program allows;

  • Gymnasts to train with peers of similar ability
  • End of term progress reports
  • Interclub carnivals and Showcase Days
  • State wide challenges

Competitive Program – PCYC Beenleigh has a WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) program which provides the opportunity for gymnasts to train, perform and compete in the Australian Levels Program (ALP). Our gymnasts compete at a variety of clubs and have had the opportunity of competing at regional and state competitions.

Fitter For Life – designed for over 50’s, this program aims to improve strength, mobility, balance and coordination in a fun and social environment. Tailored to individual needs, the skills learned are used in activities of daily living to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Home-school – running on Monday mornings, our home-school class offers gymnastics to children aged 5-12 years. The class caters to individual abilities and aligns with our recreational program developing fundamental movement patterns, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

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