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Ready Set Race!

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Ready Set Race!

Written by Julia Crossley

Hi, my name is Julia Crossley, I am 19 years old and I race go karts.

Growing up my family was obsessed with cars and motorsport and that passion and drive was passed down to me too.

When I was little, I would go with my dad to watch drag racing and help in the pits with the drag car.

My Nana was a drag racer. When I was little, she would tell me stories of her racing days and when she would race my Grandad and win. She inspires me and is one of my idols.

Being a woman in motorsport was rare and very hard in the seventies and still to this day. It’s challenging when some people try to “help you” but just speak over you or don’t listen to your ideas and input.

Luckily most people want to help you and want to watch you succeed. Lots of women race all different motorsport and are breaking the gender barrier of what is a sport dominated by males.

Podium finish for local Julia Crossley.

When my dad told me about go karting and the opportunity it would give me to race, I was so excited. I had always wanted to drive and this was a perfect starting point to learn.

Now, I’m racing in the top three of my class and still improving every time I’m in the seat.

People still stare a little longer when my helmet comes off and give me an extra congratulations at the end of my race because I beat some boys. Women still face challenges that men overlook, even the small things like for example finding race gear that fits our different shaped bodies.

However, times are changing and slowly we will be seen as equals when it comes to the world of motorsport.

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