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Our Heart is Our Community

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Our Heart is Our Community

Do you make an impact in your community?

Eagleby locals, Pastors Melanie and Tarun Stevenson and their family are working hard to make a significant impact to the Logan community; after becoming the Pastors at Authentic Church in January 2021.

For over 10 years, they have served in church leadership in Logan and are passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential in Christ and live their best life.

“In order to impact a community, you have to be a part of it” explained Melanie, “Our aim is to give everyone a help up not a handout. Giving someone a hand up allows people to keep their dignity. It allows them humility”.

“Sometimes when things are really tough and you feel like everything is against you, then on top of that, you have to ask people for food or clothing or whatever it is, it can be overwhelming; for me it’s really just giving them a hand up not a hand out. Even when we are giving them a free food support hamper, the idea is we’re giving them a hand up.”

Formerly, Melanie worked in the Student Engagement Team as a Support Staff member at Mabel High School. In this role, Melanie was the first point of contact when a student came to a department.

She would see them if they needed to see a guidance officer, a youth worker, if they had no food, no uniform, or if they were late to school. It allowed her the opportunity to build relationships with the kids.

“As a mother of five myself, I see things through a mother’s eyes” stated Melanie, “So, if I see kids coming without a uniform or if I see them come late all the time, I would flag it with our guidance officers or youth workers if I felt there was maybe a concern. I suppose it has always been a part of who I am. The church provides us with a platform to expand our reach.”

Authentic Church Community Care provides low-cost and no-cost groceries, clothes, homewares, and essential household items to assist individuals and families in Logan and surrounding areas.

“What we do with our partnerships is for example, I had a chat with the Chaplin at Loganlea High School and she asked me if we could do a food hamper for a family of seven. So, we load it up with all the things they might need and we try to do it for at least a week. Then after that we give them a discount card for the next 3 months” Melanie explained, “So, they can come into our pantry or our op shop and they can get 20% off any of the items for 3 months and the reason we put 3 months on it is so no family falls through the cracks.”

“My heart is that no one falls through the cracks, ever. And with life being busy, both at the school and here, it’s really easy for people to fall through the cracks” Melanie stated passionately, “So, for us putting 3 months on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that family won’t need the support in 3 months’ time. It just means we touch base and say to the school, ‘Hey how’s the family doing’ and if they say look can you continue then we’ll continue supporting them’. We are never going to say no”.

Melanie and her husband, Tarun are all about people and bridging the gaps in the community. They are always looking for ways where they can partner with the community.

If you would like to get involved or want more information about the Authentic Church or their Community Care program, then head to their website or Facebook.

Authentic Church:

  • Phone: (07) 3200 9464
  • Address: 350 Loganlea Rd, Meadowbrook QLD 4131
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