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Montuiri, the Medieval town with stone windmills and cobble stone streets….

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Perched on a hilltop and surrounded by quaint stone windmills, the medieval town of Montuiri is a perfect example of traditional, rural Mallorca. The town lies 30 km east of Palma, in central Mallorca on the main road from Palma to Manacor and also lends it name to the small municipality which covers the surrounding area.

Find out more about this charming Mallorca village with this abcMallorca guide to Montuiri.

Montuiri officially dates back to 1329 AD although there are signs of earlier Bronze Age settlements. This includes one of the most important archeological sites in Mallorca. The name literally means ‘mountain town’ in Latin and uses the well-known eight windmills of the Molinar district as the town symbol.

The windmills have not been used since the 1920’s but Montuiri still produces grain and almonds as it has been doing for centuries. Today Montuiri is a residential town and is considered one of the best places to live in central Mallorca with population of only 600 living in harmony.

Shopping in Montuiri

Montuiri is a good place to find fresh local produce plus some very good Mallorcan wines. This general area has a strong agricultural tradition so you will find high-quality products such as sea-salt, honey and olive oil.

Major Attractions in Montuiri

Walking around this pretty village you will see different examples of architecture going back to mediaeval times. Some buildings have a definite Moorish influence such as the ‘Velar de Sa Torre’, the ‘Alcoraia’ Salmudaina’ and ‘Es Rafal Aixat’. You will also see grander mansions which are a testament to the wealthy residents of the past, as this was once a popular town for money lenders.

A nearby site of great importance is the pre-historic ‘Son Fornes’ which dates back to 900 BC and still has dwellings and towers to see. It is accessed via the museum of Son Fornes which is based in the ‘ Moli des Floret’ building, a restored 18th century flour mill.

Also close to this town are the ‘Son Company’ and ‘Son Comelles’ cave houses which are also believed to be pre-historic. There are also many more sites of historical interest in areas nearby.

Within the town of Montuiri, the imposing, gothic church of Sant Bartomeu is worth seeing for its impressive interior.

The best views in the area are to be found at the top of the peak of ‘Puig de Sant Miguel’where the sanctuary of ‘Santuari de la Bona Pau’ is located which dates back to 1395 on the site of a former hermitage.

Restaurants in Montuiri

There are many traditional Mallorca restaurants and cafes to choose from within the town. There are also many excellent restaurants hidden away in rural Mallorca, particularly on the road from Palma to Manacor.

The restaurant ‘Puig de Sant Miquel’ is one of our favourites.

Events in Montuiri

Montuiri celebrates traditional Spanish fiestas but there are also some special events that are particular to this town.

In mid-August the patron saint of Sant Bartomeu is commemorated with the colourful folk dance, ‘the dance of the Cossiers’ for a week-long celebration.

Most important of all, is the annual Partridge Fair in December which takes place in Placa Major. Here you will find an array of local produce, livestock and arts and crafts for sale. There is also a partridge hunting competition with much fanfare using decoy birds.

Montuiri Majorca Spain

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