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Meet the Masters of Pool Maintenance!

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Looking after a pool is a delicate balancing act. This is something that Jeff and his team from Poolwerx Jimboomba are true masters at. An expert in all things pool-related, Jeff is a fountain of knowledge, ready to lend a hand or give some advice to keep your pool healthy and clean.

Discover what Jeff had to say about managing your pool this winter.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am a Jimboomba local and small business owner. I’m a father of 3, Poppy to 6 grandkids and have been married to Michaella for 30 years. Michaella is my business partner and manages the retail and accounts team of Poolwerx Jimboomba.

We are blessed to have a great team at Poolwerx Jimboomba where we provide pool servicing and run a retail store, employing 6 full-time staff. We’ve achieved great success in our business and are looking into further expansion opportunities and hiring more staff this year.

When we’re not at work, Michaella and I enjoy camping and are Grey Nomads-in-training.

Describe a day in the life at Poolwerx Jimboomba.

One of the things I love is that there is no such thing as a typical day at Poolwerx! Every day is different and the demands vary as we are a seasonal business. Most of the day is solution-based problem-solving of pool and equipment issues, which is challenging but very fulfilling.

When and why did you open in Jimboomba?

We opened Poolwerx Jimboomba in 2014, as a mobile-only business, as we wished to move from Brisbane’s suburbs to a more rural setting. I had been involved in water treatment most of my working life and it was the perfect blend of my previous experience along with having worked in a Sunshine Coast pool business, Dunckers Cleaning Supplies and Pool shop.

What services does Poolwerx Jimboomba offer?

At Poolwerx, we offer a large range of maintenance services to keep pools and spas sparkling and give owners peace of mind that they’re swimming in healthy water. We take the hassle out of pool care so families can spend more time enjoying the pool instead of cleaning it!

At Poolwerx Jimboomba we offer regular pool servicing, casual servicing, season start-up checks, equipment checks, handover services for new pool owners, breakdown repairs of equipment, fault finding, along with pool fence safety certification. In the retail and mobile setting, we offer sales of new pool and spa equipment, chemicals, accessories, water testing and professional advice.

Tell us about a time you have transformed a customer’s pool.

We recently assisted a client who had a brand-new pool constructed but had experienced issues with water quality since completion. After checking the equipment system, we discovered the filter had been plumbed in backwards. We were then able to replumb the pool and they were finally able to start enjoying their pool and making backyard memories.

Other examples include clients who have experienced ongoing problems with their pool water and equipment. Once our teams completed a health check and evaluate their system, we can identify the cause and solve it.

How often should you get your pool cleaned and tested?

Regular maintenance is required to keep a pool operating well and water healthy. I always say a little bit of maintenance regularly is the best and results in the least number of problems. We often see people who don’t do any maintenance over winter and then when the warmer weather returns, they often have to deal with major issues such as a green pool, equipment failures or filtration issues, which can be costly.  At a minimum getting the water tested on a monthly cycle will mean only putting in small amounts to keep the pool balanced safely and healthy.

What are your tips for maintaining a pool this winter?

Come in store to get a free water test and turn down the chlorine production as the demand for chlorine is decreased due to the cooler water temperature. If chlorine levels are not adjusted this can cause damage to pool surfaces, cleaners that are left in the pool and blankets, which can all be destroyed by high chlorine levels.

What is your favourite thing about the Jimboomba area?

We love the rural area along with the country feel of the shops and the markets, the people and the (lack of) traffic!

Where is your favourite coffee spot in Logan?

The best coffee is at Boomba Beans in the Jimboomba Junction Shopping Centre.

And your favourite dining-out venue?

I enjoy Sushi AJI at Jimboomba Central Shopping Centre, along with Yummy Yummy Chinese.

What’s a little-known fact about you?

I desire the time to learn and get into Permaculture to create my own food gardens and be more self-sufficient.

For more information about Poolwerx Jimboomba or to learn more about their services, visit in-store at the Jimboomba Junction Shopping Centre or call (07) 5646 5966 to speak to one of their friendly staff.

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