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Meet the Jewellery Master

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For a lot of people, jewellery holds sentimental and personal feelings of love and satisfaction. Often special pieces of jewellery are passed down in the family or a treasured gift given by someone you love that holds the most importance for people. Whether it’s a keepsake locket handed down from a grandparent, a family brooch or a colourful beaded bracelet proudly handmade by your child. There is something just so powerful about holding meaningful jewellery steeped in history and memories.

Larry outside his shop in Beenleigh.

Jewellery is also used to make a personal statement. Jewellery has an unquestionable ability to bring out the best in a person’s features and personality when the right piece is worn by the right individual for the right occasion. It can make a personal statement and individualise a person.

So, choosing or wearing a piece of jewellery is a very personal experience. This is something that Larry from LC Jewellers knows all too well. Known for his handmade custom jewellery designs and master restoration work, Larry and his team of experts have worked with each of their clients to create something unique and special for them; ever since opening L.C Jewellers – Master Repairers and Custom Jewellery in 2004.

“The creative process starts when a client comes in and we start to create a drawing of the piece”, started Larry from LC Jewellers.

First stage in the design process.

“We work with them to discover what they like and don’t like as well as observing what kind of jewellery they like wearing or what we think would suit them. The design and development stage is a collaborative process, between us and the client, which is based on open communication”.

“It all comes down to personal preference of design and feelings. What may be perfect for one person won’t be for another; everyone has their unique tastes, opinions and style. People also have different lifestyles that you should take into consideration when designing that ‘perfect’ piece.”

Larry holding a custom piece for a client.

Being in the jewellery industry for over 45 years, Larry has had the opportunity to grow and develop into the master jeweller he is today. Completing his apprenticeship at Wallace Bishop in the late 1970s, before going on to work with several companies and jewellers, enhancing his skills, knowledge and experience throughout the years. In 2000, Larry was a winner of the Australian Jewellery Design Awards.

It’s his years of experience that have helped him and his team, Tanita and Rebecca, experts in their own right deliver quality work time and time again – whether it’s a custom build or a restoration piece.

“I am passionate about helping people with their jewellery dreams. As a master jeweller, I can create something amazing and personal for them to treasure over the years or repair a sentimental item. I love designing, creating and restoring pieces for individuals” stated Larry.

However, it is not all smooth sailing, with each piece of jewellery comes its own set of challenges; which Larry and his team work to overcome. Applying their years of experience, knowledge and skill, has caused them to be known as the ‘Master Repairers’.

Tanita and Rebecca, master jewellery repairers.

“Some of the hardest repairs to do are the ones those other jewellers or someone else has messed up when trying to fix it, before sending it to us. We are really good at what we do and as far as we’re concerned, if we can’t repair it no one can”, stated Larry.

“We’re here to help everybody and we can cater to all budgets. Anyone who needs their jewellery repaired, cleaned, resized or remodelled. In addition, if you are looking for that personal custom piece, our expert team are always happy to help with all your design wants and desires.”

L.C. Jewellers offer a range of services including:

  • Jewellery Repairs, Restoration & Cleaning
  • Handmade Custom Jewellery Design
  • Jewellery Resizing & Remodelling
  • Source all stones including Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds.

For all your jewellery needs, contact Larry and his team at L.C Jewellers, head in-store, call on 0402 055 536 or visit their website, https://www.lcjewellers.com.au/.

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