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Love Yourself Healthy

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Love Yourself Healthy this February

With February being the traditional month of LOVE, I’d love to know how you would finish this sentence. I Love myself enough too …?

In the spirit of ‘Love Yourself Healthy’ it could be as simple as following the 5 Languages of love and applying them to yourself in the ways you would often apply them to others.

I love myself enough too …

  • Cook myself a fancy dinner (An act of service)
  • List 5 things I love about myself (Words of affirmation)
  • Make time for my favourite things (Quality time)
  • Get a massage or hug someone (Physical touch)
  • Buy “that thing” that I would just love to have (Giving and receiving of gifts)

Valentine’s Day isn’t about waiting for someone else to show you how much they love you… it’s simply about LOVE!

LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to forget the commercialisation of the event and embrace the meaning. LOVE generates more love so,

Tell someone you love them; it doesn’t matter who!

Pay a stranger a compliment, you will make their day!

Plant a tree or two!

Visit your local rescue centre and play with the dogs there for a while.

Gift the energy of LOVE to yourself and to others.

To Love Yourself Healthy is more than just simply Eat right and Exercise, it is about approaching your health from a holistic intuitive viewpoint from within your heart space and when could be a better time to do that then during the month of Love?

Written by Hayley Wilson

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