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Local Student, Jade Arbuthnot thoughts on ‘Life in Logan’

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Life in Logan

Written By Jade Arbuthnot, Canterbury College

Logan sometimes gets a bad rep. But those of us who live here know that what it is presented as leaves out the good, the beautiful and the beneficial aspects of our region.

‘The city of Logan’ is not really a city, it is composite of suburbs, landscapes and people.

It encompasses rural to suburban living, and a vast and intertwined multicultural and multifaceted community.

A life lived in Logan can mean many things, it can mean regional living in charming landscapes to suburban residency amongst an all-encompassing bevy of educational, sporting, and communal opportunities and everything in between.

I live in Logan, I go to school in Logan, and I do all my sports training in Logan, this in its essence is the ‘Logan experience’.

We might all have different backgrounds, different interests, go to different schools, work different jobs but the common denominator is that we choose to spend our time and contribute in our own way to build and support our Logan community.

And what a wonderful place it is.

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