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Local Growth Leading to Increased Logan Traffic Risk

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Lockdown was not a word we used 13 months ago, neither were terms like social
distancing and community transition, yet now they form part of everyday conversations.

In March last year when QLD went into lockdown, a lot changed, including the need to get to work at the same time as everyone else. There was a lot of uncertainty, but one positive was less cars on the road and fewer accidents.

Nowadays, more employers have embraced work from home arrangements but for most, busy lifestyles are back in full swing.

In Logan the traffic is back to its pre-COVID best, if not busier. Lockdown was a time for families to take stock and reassess their priorities, which for many meant moving out of the big smoke.

The search for open space turned Logan into a residential hotspot. Demand prompted yet another development boom in the area and with that came more cars on the roads.

Bree Smith from Shine Lawyers says the slower pace on our roads during the pandemic is long gone with local roads now busier than ever.

“2020 was a year we will never forget. Financially a lot of families did it tough and are still doing it tough so the last thing they need is to have a car accident.”

“Our team has been in the same location servicing the Logan community for more than ten years and know all too well that unfortunately, accidents do happen everyday and people can find the aftermath overwhelming.”

Bree knows local accident hotspots better than most. An Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law who grew up in Shailer Park, she’s witnessed firsthand Logan become a magnet for families.

“The development boom in the area has been quite phenomenal to watch. It’s meant improved services, more job opportunities and increased property values, but with that must come enhanced driver awareness.”

“With many people moving to the area who are unfamiliar with our roads, I urge everyone not to become complacent. No matter how long you’ve lived in the area, remain vigilant when behind the wheel.”

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