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Life as a Dad-trepreneur: Balancing Fatherhood and a Local Business at the Same Time

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Fatherhood is one of the most rewarding journeys of a man’s life. Similarly, being a business owner is not only rewarding in itself but also provides the income needed to support a family.

However, one of the biggest challenges any family man faces is balancing work and fatherhood, especially when you run your own business. Fatherhood and being a business owner, both require a lot of time, effort and energy. Finding time to dedicate to either one can be tough. So how can one balance both?

Jeremy from Seahorse Swim School.

Local father, husband and Seahorse Swim School owner, Jeremy Wardrop knows from experience how hard it is to balance the two. He opened Seahorse Swim School in Slacks Creek in November 2019, alongside his wife, Stacey and their daughters, Jordana and Shyanna. Together they built their business from the ground up; constructing all the facilities themselves, including the pool. Only to be forced to close after six months, due to COVID.

Seahorse Swim School is a small, private, family-owned and operated swim school that provides intimate and professional swim lessons with experienced instructors. Being a small centre, they can provide a personalised service to each student. However, what sets them apart from other schools in the area is their magnesium water and ozone treatment. Magnesium water is an alternative to chlorine and offers a range of health benefits; including alleviating aches and pains and soothing your skin.

Discover how Jeremy has managed to balance being a father and running a successful family business.

Tell us about yourself.   

We moved to Queensland 7 years ago to further my coaching career and lead us to fulfil our long-term dream of opening up our own Learn to Swim Centre. It is coming up to 3 years now being open and I love seeing the kids excited faces before and after their lessons. Also, the parents’ proud looks when their child achieves a swimming goal. I also love camping, boating and fishing.

In celebration of Father’s Day, how do you balance being a father and a business owner?   

I like that I get to work with my daughters as now that they are grown up and they still have an interest in the family business. They work on my days off, so I can keep a balanced life. We are a close family and love spending time together. Either going out and doing different activities or just staying home and having a BBQ.

What are you most proud of (i.e as a father & business owner)?   

I am very proud of the women that my daughters have grown into. It is great to have them as partners in the business. I am also proud of the environment we have created together for other families to embrace our skills and knowledge to teach a vital life skill.

Jeremy, his wife Stacey and daughers, Jordana and Shyanna.

What are your thoughts on living and running a business in Logan?   

We started the business in Logan first as we found the right location so we could create a swim school different from other learn-to-swim centres. We relocated to a home in the Logan Village area in January to get back to acreage and country living. This has helped to keep my life balanced.

What wisdom/advice would you give those just starting, as fathers & business owners?  

It is very important to separate the two. Both need your time & attention. My wife used to say to me when my girls were young to remember who you are working for. She had it written on the back of a family photo I had on my desk. I believe this was very important to remind me to balance my time.

What is the trick to running a successful family business?   

I think it is successful because it is a family-owned & run business. Parents love that at least 1 family member is always at the reception to answer any questions or concerns. I believe service is the key as these days it can be overlooked quite easily due to technology.

Jeremy, his wife Stacey and daughers, Jordana and Shyanna.

How do you provide the right mix/balance between family & running a business?   

I have learnt to keep work issues at work and to not talk about work too much at home & when at work to keep it professional and not bring family issues to work.

What are your favourite things/activities to do with your children?   

Our family’s favourite activity is camping together either with the boat and jet skis on the bay or in the mountains on a friend’s property. Just spending time hanging out together.

What’s a little-known fact about you?    

I spent 3 years on the Australian Olympic Swimming team as a high-performance coach.

For more information or to make a booking, either call 0431 751 786 to speak to a lovely staff member, head to their website, http://seahorseswimschool.com.au or check out their Facebook page, @seahorseslackscreek.

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