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Legally Logan – What to Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

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What to Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

A waking from surgery, the lawyer asked “why are all the blinds drawn?”

The nurse answered “there’s a fire across the street, and we didn’t want you to think you had died.”

All jokes aside, and there are a lot of them, decent lawyers do exist and choosing the right one to represent you is an important decision you shouldn’t rush into.

These are some of the things you should consider to make sure your lawyer has the right skills, experience and personal qualities to meet your needs:

1. Determine what kind of lawyer you need. Lawyers generally specialise in certain fields (for example criminal law, employment law, family law). It’s best to find one that is an expert in the area you need advice in so they don’t use your case as a way to learn the area.

2. Contact the Law Society in your state or territory to obtain a list of lawyers with speciality in the area you need assistance. Often this information is also recorded on their website.

3. Look at online reviews of lawyers, such as their company Facebook page, Google
reviews etc.

4. Speak to your friends and family. Find out if they have a lawyer whose services they would recommend.

5. Compile a list of lawyers and then review the company website. It’s also worth checking their social media feeds, such as LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure they work in the area in which you need assistance, and that they are professional in their dealings and provide easy-to-understand information. Even a simple Google search will often result in a wealth of information: you could find allegations of stealing, lying or failing to pay traffic infringements.

6. Once you have a short-list, meet with them! Take relevant documents to the meeting and ask questions and choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with. Often legal matters take some time to resolve, so it’s important to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with as you’ll be speaking with them quite a bit!

7. Once you have selected your lawyer, you will be required to sign an agreement about their fees and what work they will perform.

Once you have retained a lawyer, you will be issued with a bill for their services – you should keep receipts for all payments made, and where possible ensure there is an electronic record of payment to avoid any allegation of criminal wrongdoing

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