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Leading the Way for ‘Mum Prenuers’

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Jayde Philips: Coaching Women to Success

Jayde is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, Emotional Anatomy Counsellor and Sexuality Specialist. She is a proud mum-prenuer of 11 years and 6 of those years within the beauty industry. 

Jayde specialises in Holistic therapies that heal the Mind, Body and Soul with a deep passion for helping Mums in business to achieve financial independence without having to sacrifice their home life, their time or struggling with their identity.

As a woman and mother in business, Jayde realised that there is a gap between the enjoyment of my life and having a successful business. She sought after coaches and business educators to help her achieve her goals and could never find the right person So she decided to become that person she could help other passionate mum-prenuers bridge the gap.

She works with some of the most inspiring and incredible women, business owners and coaches to help them achieve the fulfilment and balance they need to really love the life of a Mum-prenuer, A sensual women and be the mothers they want to be to their children.

To book a free discovery call or contact Jayde please call 0407 249 050 or find me online.

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