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JobSeeker changes coming in March says Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

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It is widely reported that the dole payment will be rolled into a single payment for all Australian unemployed, combining subsidies and supplements into one single payment.

Coronavirus supplement of $150 for eligible welfare recipients will end in March, prompting fears that again unemployed will be forced to live on $40 a day!

It is reported that a ‘better off’ reform package was pitched to partner an increase in JobSeeker at a government expenditure review committee meeting last week.

‘I’m not going to speculate on the speculation,’ Mr Frydenberg said on Today show on Monday.

“We have said that we will make an announcement about the future rate of that payment before the end of March because at the end of March the elevated rate we put in place through the pandemic comes to an end.”

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  1. Increasing jobseeker is a joke. Especially when age pensioners have to survive on the bread line. They have contributed all their lives to earn their right of passage to the age pension, and the worst thing is that it is getting pushed further and further out of grasp by putting the age up every 6 months, people will be dead before they collect.

    Jobseekers in general have no incentive to get work, they should be made to go regional to fill fruit and veg picking jobs instead of sitting at home collecting “free money”. Why are we bringing in Islanders to fill these positions when we have people here in Australia who can do it? They could be bussed out on a 2 and 2 roster, and another group bussed in, simple really. There are jobs but they wont do them.
    And I must add that there are some exceptions to these generalisations.
    There are also care workers required in age care homes, but there doesnt seem to be a rush to get those positions filled.

    Will the skilled migrants on SCV’s be able to cash in after only a year in this country on their share of Centrelink benefits, which seem to be freely available unless you are a New Zealander?

    Benefits are supposed to be a temporary measure to tide people over until they find work. That is the goal, not keep people them on an increased benefit longterm.


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