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Inland Exploration of the Logan Area

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In 1827, Governor Darling decided to visit Brisbane Town. He arrived unannounced and found that Captain Logan was unfortunately not at the settlement – he was once out exploring.

Logan had left Brisbane Town at 4am on June 7 in a whaleboat, traveling up the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers and arriving at Ipswich at 10pm.

Next day, he sent the boat and its convict crew back to Brisbane and set out on foot with several of his men, passing through the area around present day Warrill View.

He climbed to the top of Mt French and said he could see the Logan River, although he probably meant a tributary of the Logan, Teviot Brook.

Portrait of Captain Logan

He continued onwards and on June 13th, camped the night beside the Logan River near Mt Barney which he tried unsuccessfully to climb over the next two days.

Continuing his journey, he crossed Christmas Creek and the Albert River, praising the fertility of the countryside. On June 19, he again reached the Logan River near present-day Logan Village and camped for the night. The exact position of this camp is not known.

Next day, he made several attempts to cross the river but was forced to walk about 15km up the riverbank, finally managing to cross at a rocky ledge on June 21.

From this point, he contained onto Coopers Plains and Brisbane, reaching a point opposite the settlement where he could signal for a boat to come and collect him and his men.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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