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How To Choose Flowers For Every Occasion

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Picking out the right flowers for different occasions can be challenging. You may wonder, “What kind should I get? What colour should they be?” Many factors must be considered before making your selection. Knowing the symbolism and connotation of flower types and flower colours can help you in choosing just the right arrangement.


Red or pink roses are a mainstay, but also a failsafe; as these colours represent love and passion for one another. It’s best to avoid yellow flowers in this scenario, as they represent friendship or in the case of yellow carnations, disappointment.


In addition to flowers that signify joy or friendship, each month has a specific flower.

If these are for a friend, rather than a significant other, yellow flowers are great, as these symbolise friendship, optimism and joy. Just avoid giving yellow carnations.


While it is mostly considered an obsolete gesture to bring flowers on a first date, the idea of giving flowers to someone you’ve gone out with a few times is still a good one. Popular choices include orchids, tulips and dandelions, as they are beautiful but not overwhelming for your date. If possible, it’s best if you bring the flowers to your date’s front door, to spare them from having to be carried around during the whole date.

Sympathy Flowers:

Sympathy flowers are typically sent to the home of those grieving. Generally, it’s never too late to send these. Chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies and roses are the most popular. Because it’s a good time to cheer up those who are morning, a bright, colourful arrangement would not be inappropriate. Pink, blue and yellow can invoke feelings of hope and rebirth.

Mother’s Day:

There is no wrong way to go here. Flowers for Mum are always a nice touch on her special day. Some of the more popular flowers include pink carnations which represent love and gratitude, red carnations which signify admiration and gerbera daisies which represent cheerfulness.

Valentine’s Day:

Your flower selection will depend on your relationship with the recipient. If the relationship has just begun then try lavender roses which signify enchantment. Whereas if you are happily married but they’re not into roses, then you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of tulips which communicate love. Avoid yellow roses and carnations for your significant other as they signify friendship and disappointment, respectively.

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Emily Stack
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