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How can kids manage time?

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Written by Brigitte Hawkins

There is nothing more valuable than the time parents spend engaging with their kids. It’s an investment that pays mightily into a child’s own learning, and is especially effective in a child’s understanding, usage and success with time management. 

Yes, time management skill-building takes a regular time commitment from both child and parent. However, there is almost no need to manage time if there are no goals for which to aim. Additionally, there is no quick formula for a child to develop time management skills. More importantly, a child cannot reach their goals alone.

It is true that there are many books, videos, and internet sites dedicated to time management strategies for children and their parents and teachers. However, it is real-life participation by the child that has always been far more successful than telling or even showing. In support of this is the fact that right from birth every child seeks meaningful connections; and they seek these reassurances even more than food; therefore, a mentor is critical.

Furthermore, for a child to understand, let alone manage, an abstract concept such as ‘time’, they must first have the incentive to want to achieve a goal, and the incentive to want to follow the strategies, including time-management, to succeed. The regular and positive involvement of a parent to encourage, to discuss, and to join in with the child’s interests and ideas, is vital.

Undoubtedly, a meaningful goal created by the child produces a great opportunity for that child to want to manage time well. The combination of interested-child with supportive-parent is absolutely the best foundation for the child to understand and experience the joys and benefits of managing time.

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