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Hearts of Purple, Saving People One Bin At a Time

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Domestic violence is rarely a one-off event, in most cases, it is recurring and escalating. The perpetrator is usually someone who knows you well, very well, and may even tell you that they do it because they love you.

All too often you see stories in the media where the victim has been unable to break the cycle of abuse or escape and it leads to the end of a life or multiple lives. The law is unable to help the victim until there is proof something serious has happened and you feel helpless.

That is why Hearts of Purple was founded in 2017 after the brutal murder of Teresa Bradford, to help victims break away and escape the cycle of abuse. Teresa’s ex-husband David Bradford broke into her house during the early hours of January 31st 2017 where Teresa and their four children were sleeping. He left their four children as orphans after murdering Teresa, and then committed suicide.

After assisting the children and family of Teresa through the months, it was noted by community members that there were many holes within the current system which needed to be fixed to ensure the lives of other victims of domestic violence were kept safe and alive.

So together, Georgia Stripp and Michelle Beattie along with a dedicated volunteer committee from various walks of life, and various personal stories of abuse and growth after escaping came together to form Hearts of Purple. Hearts of Purple (HOP) is a not-for-profit charity that helps women and men in high-risk domestic violence situations who are at risk of being seriously injured or worse! Specialising in technology-facilitated abuse.

“We work around high-risk victims — both men and women — who are at risk of being seriously injured or murdered by the 1 per cent of perpetrators that kill their partners,” Michelle said.

“We know that domestic violence mainly occurs behind closed doors and therefore we will assist those in danger escape quickly, safely and possibly with some personal possessions”.

As the Hearts of Purple team is not funded by the government, the charity realises on donations and its hard-working volunteers.

“We knew early on that this was not sustainable and we wanted to think of ways we could support both the environment and raise much-needed funding at the same time” stated Michelle, “So we came up with the Purple Bin Program in March 2020.”

“Currently we have over 400 bins throughout SEQ and collected over 700,000 10 cent recyclables to date with a view to saturate Queensland with the purple bines so we can continue to provide real tangible services to those in need” stated Michelle.

The bins are used to collect recyclables that can then be turned into cash for the non-government-funded charity.

“It gives us the money to buy our safety devices that we put on our clients. With a press of a button, it goes to a monitoring centre and the triages to police” explained Michelle.

“It also gives us the ability to go into homes and sweep for tracking and listening devices, and also to hide victims and support them through their security plans and their safety plans, and to put everything in place.”

If you want to get involved with Hearts of Purple or would like more information, then visit their https://www.heartsofpurple.org/. Every little bit helps.

Website: heartsofpurple.org
Email: admin@heartsofpurple.org
Phone: 0414 058 854

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Emily Stack
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