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Getting Started in Property

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Getting Started in Property

When you are buying property it is important to consider more than just long term capital growth and rental returns: Look for an immediate upside.

The ‘Getting Started in Property’ workshop will give you at least 10 ways to buy for an immediate upside, a step-by-step system for doing your own venture, and hands-on, onsite experiences to show you what can be achieved.

Learning this simple approach opens the door to making immediate money in property and not just being a property investor.


In this 2 day seminar learn:

  • 10 ways to buy property with an IMMEDIATE UPSIDE…
  • 12 steps to completing your own Property venture including:
    • Due Diligence,
    • Profitability,
    • Contracts,
    • Legal Structures,
    • Risk Management,
    • Partnerships,
    • Financing,
    • Council Approvals,
    • Contractors,
    • Titles,
    • Project completion,
    • Marketing
  • Practical insights during PROPERTY TOUR
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