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Flagstone Recycle Queens

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Young Flagstonians and best friends, Lily (11), Gaby (11) and Noah (9) have created Flagstone Recycle Queens. An excellent initiative where the team regularly walk around the area, collecting any drinks containers that people would normally place in the general recycling bin and donating a portion of the profits get donated to local charities.

The team at Logan City Guides caught up with the Flagstone Recycle Queens to discover more about the fantastic work they are doing in the community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Flagstone Recycle Queens.

Lily: We are two friends and neighbours on Walker Circuit, Flagstone who decided to make a small business with my little brother Noah, helping recycle unwanted containers, get some exercise and be part of the Flagstone community by helping out local charities. I started it a few months ago and when Gabby was round toasting marshmallows one day, I asked her to join me.

What school do you go to?

Lily: Noah and I go to Jimboomba State School. I am in Year 6 and he is in Year 3.
Gabby: I am in Year 5 at Flagstone State School.

When did you start collecting? Why?

Lily: We all started at different times. I started at the beginning of May, while Gabby and Noah began at the start of June. Noah offered to help out collecting with the carts.

What was the inspiration/motivation behind it?

Lily: A few months ago, I was going to Netball and talking to my mum about ways to boost my pocket money. We saw some cans and bottles littered around the car park and I said there is 40 cents right there. Mum suggested that some households only have a few cans or bottles and would be willing to give them away, if I collected them all up together it would make a few dollars.

So, I would recycle to help the planet, get fit by walking and staying close in the community.

When and where do you do your collections?

Lily: Saturday, 3-5 or Sunday 9-11 depending on our other commitments like sports or going to friends but during the summer we are thinking of doing weekday evening collections. We just do the few roads near our homes but will spread out to walk further. We also have some kind locals we collect containers from regularly that live around the Flagstone area.

Tell us about your monthly reward system. How does it work?

Gabby: Every month Lily, Noah and I decide which person out of our collection is the best recycler based on how much they donate and how often. We then give them a $10 Gift card.

What charities do you donate to?

Lily: Once a month, we donate all our paperboard cartons we have collected and a large bag of containers to the Flagstone Food Bank. It’s a great charity and support for our community.

When you are not collecting containers, what do you like to do for fun?

Lily: I like to swim in our pool and play Netball.

Gabby: I like watching tik toks and going to the adventure park together. Lily and I go to Boot Camp in Flagstone Body Love Squad on a Tuesday night (@kkbodyworx). I also look after my younger siblings.

Noah: I love soccer! I have soccer training during the week. I also play Fortnite.

For more information or if you would like to contribute to the Flagstone Recycle Queens, head to their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Flagstone-Recycle-Queens-105410155108246/?ref=page_internal

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