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Discussing the Federal Budget

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Bert Van Manen MP

The Federal Budget was brought down last month. Through this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic we’ve outperformed the world in our health and economic response, but we can’t afford to be complacent. This year’s Budget is about making sure we secure our recovery. Our JobKeeper payment set the groundwork – it supported 7,400 businesses and 27,400 workers in Forde, but we are looking at building even more job growth.

13,500 people in our electorate work in construction and manufacturing. This Budget supports construction jobs and home ownership with grants for home builders and loan guarantees for first home buyers and single parents. We’re also supporting working families with more childcare funding for families with two or more children – around 2380 local families will be better off by an average of $2200.

More than 70% of Forde workers will get tax relief of up to $1080 for singles and up to $2160 for a couple. To find out if you are one of them visit the tax cut estimator at this weblink: https://budget.gov.au/calculator/index.htm

Having endured so much over the past year, keeping everyone safe is a key focus on this government. We have a suite of packages aimed at protecting the vulnerable. We’ve allocated $1.1 billion to end domestic violence. Headspace in Upper Coomera and Meadowbrook will be better able to support young people with complex mental health needs thanks to the Government’s $278.6 million to expand and enhance the services. There is record funding on aged care – $1.7 billion to ensure older Australians are treated with respect, care and dignity.

For more on how this Government is delivering for our community, visit www.budget.gov.au.

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