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Developing Logan’s Next Leaders

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Leadership is a skill for life. Positive and successful leadership encompasses a wide range of skills, attitudes, values and characteristics.

For each of us, some of these come more naturally than others and the combination is different for every individual. Leadership is not a fixed constant. You evolve your leadership style over time and adapt it to different circumstances.

Discover how Canterbury College’s School Captains for 2022, Kristina and Madisen-Jade are taking on their roles as leaders.

Hi, my name is Kristina, and I am one of Canterbury College’s School Captains. I first arrived at Canterbury in Year 7 and went to Marsden State School for my primary school years. I am Serbian Orthodox, and I love playing sports and reading.

My name is Madisen-Jade, and I, too, am one of Canterbury’s School Captains for 2022, a year in which our school has had two females dominate the School Captain roles. I am of Samoan descent and rep it proudly. I’m the eldest child of six, live in a household of nine and was born and raised within the boundaries of the place I call home, Logan City.

We can both agree that Canterbury College has helped shape us into the people we are today by providing us with many amazing opportunities to grow and develop our skills across various areas.

We’ve had numerous opportunities in both sports and academics to develop and showcase our talents which we are incredibly grateful for. Canterbury College has strong well-being and academic support networks and everyone is willing to give a helping hand. We believe that is of significant importance in schools as it encourages us to be ourselves and to embrace our individuality.

To us, accepting these leadership roles meant somewhat taking the role of the older sister. Being the type of person others can come to and ask for help while being stern when things need to be done. It means being present when times are tough and being proactive in helping others aim for the best so we can achieve the best.

Kristina and Madisen-Jade, Canterbury College School Captains 2022

When we were both appointed to these roles, we both agreed that fostering relationships and building connections amongst the students was something we wanted as our main focus – creating that family bond. We hear a lot of different perspectives and get to know many different students, and we believe it’s one of the best things about being a School Captain.

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts is to interact and engage with students in other grades and make connections with younger students. The reason we wanted to be School Captain was to have the opportunity to make a difference, to help others understand that we’re more than just a school; we’re a family.

For more information about Canterbury College or to take a virtual tour, visit their website, https://canterbury.qld.edu.au or check out their Facebook @CanterburyCollegeWaterfordQLD.

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