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Daisy Hill Squash Club Celebrates World Squash Day!

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On the 9th of October, Daisy Hill Squash Club organised a 2032-minute squash marathon to raise funds for the development of Queensland Junior Squash. 2032 minutes of squash is to support squash to be part of the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

The marathon started at 6 am on the 8th of October and ended at 3:52 pm on the 9th of October with MP of Springwood, Mick De Brenni closing the event on the squash court himself.

The fundraising was successful with 34-time slots to fill and more than 60 people joined in during the 34hours marathon. The Club’s goal was to raise $2,000; the final outcome was out of our expectation with $2,800 raised in just 34 hours!

What a fantastic effort from all involved – especially Brad and the Team at Daish Hill Squash.

Wanting to take part, the team at Logan City Guide came along to help out.

With varying levels of ability, we participated in the Club’s squash marathon; playing from 11 pm to 2 am. It was quite the experience turning up to play squash late at night. As a team, we rotated on and off the court, sharing the time around so everyone got a chance to play.

“It was a really fun night. For someone that hasn’t played squash in a very long time, I was a bit apprehensive about getting back into the sport. Thankfully the friendly staff at the Daisy Hill Squash Club was very helpful, patient and accommodating – as they took the time to explain the rules again and show us a few tips to improve our game. I would definitely love to do it again – maybe during the day next time!” commented Christine, a participant in the marathon.

For more information about the Daisy Hill Squash and Racket Club and any upcoming
events, visit their website, https://www.daisyhillracquetclub.com.au/.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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