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Create A Pandemic Proof Business Plan

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Create A Pandemic Proof Business Plan

“While there are certainly some incredible challenges launching any business right now, the opportunity is also ripe to launch a new business.”

Having had the experience of launching the Logan City Guides during the height of pandemic in August of year 2020, now could be a great time to start a business. This is a historic moment to identify new business opportunities and to transform how you operate. Availability of financial assistance is at a historical high, as is the availability of labour. Your customers, employees and partners are hungry for new ideas and open to change & challenge. Take advantage of that. This is an economically difficult period, but also a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your business.

Rest of the year 2021 will be a challenging yet remarkable year in history. Seize the moment to provide goods and services that your locals and the world needs right now. It could be the best decision you ever make.

To keep the positive spirit of creating & running business during pandemic times, we chatted to one of Logan’s leading business voice, Coach Nicki, when I was informed that he was making a return to the ‘Business 101 show’ with a renewed format & direction.

Why did you create Business 101 show?

During the Pandemic I was thinking a lot about what I could do to help business people. They’re my tribe. Business is my Jam. It’s what I do best on this earth. I’m better at business than parenting or being a partner. Helping my fellow business tribe
people. Business is my jam. I live, eat, breath it. I’m good at it. It’s my thing.

So, I was thinking the only tangible thing I can really do is to give away my knowledge, 1 to many. The biggest Impact I could have been broad based distribution and radio was a perfect way to reach people in their offices, workshops, cars and even homes.

Who is your target audience? And why should they listen in?

Business owners both legacy operators and the want to be businesspeople working a dead-end job they hate. Anyone that identifies with being an entrepreneur or a business owner/operator or wanting to be, they are who we serve.

How do you come up with contents of your show each week?

Part of the show contents is based on what’s happening right now in the media and
business in general. There are topics that pop up around what’s happening in the
broader politic that has a huge impact or effect on business, so we devote some show time to current affairs of the week.

We also focus on things that either directly help people mentally or financially and
preferably able to be executed right now so that they can feel the direct benefit instantly or very soon. Businesspeople need support and nurturing that assists them now.

What would be the ‘perfect outcome’ you are seeking with regards to the show?

An interactive place where the Business Tribe of Logan City gets together to share their stories, learn executable tips and strategies that they can implement in their businesses to get ahead faster. A support system for the Tribe so they can make confident decisions with a higher likely hood of a successful outcome for them.

Having a truly interactive experience on the show and via the podcast is my ultimate
desire. To have value you must meet the need as it is today, not last week or last month. L.I.V.E is the key to success.

What motivates you to do this? And anything you want to say to those reading this article?

I’m a naturally curious person. I love helping to highlight people’s stories, successes and their struggles. Being a trusted advisor is a privileged position to execute. When business owners mention to me that they have had a win or a breakthrough based around either a topic we discussed or the skills we promoted or advocated, that is why I do it.

I have questioned myself about what it is that drives me. Is it ego? Is it altruism? I believe part of it is all those things, but the lion’s share of reasoning is the pure kick you can only get from helping others. Appreciation and Gratitude are the ways to win and keep you from being in your own head too much. What nobler cause is there than to share with others that which you are good at and seeing them succeed quicker and further because of that sharing of knowledge. That’s priceless.

A key thing I’ve learnt over the past 32 episodes and my first year of radio broadcasting is that everyone has an interesting story & most people struggle with
similar things, it’s just the scale that varies.

Business 101 Show
Mondays 6pm to 7pm

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