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Community Comes Together for Beenleigh Multisports!

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We have all seen the tragic pictures of flooding in our Beenleigh area. It was just awful watching as homes and community clubs sink under the weight of the Logan River. Some of the most badly affected were the local sporting clubs; with many of them tragically going under in the muddy floodwaters in the recent floods, especially in Beenleigh.

However, if there is one thing that Logan is excellent at, it is coming together, supporting each other and lending a hand when times are tough. On Saturday the 12th March, the community came together to help clean up and support a local sporting club, Beenleigh Multisports Association. Beenleigh Multisports was one of the sporting clubs affected by the rising floodwaters and bore the brunt of Mother Nature.

“We were surrounded by water. The only way we could get to the clubhouse was by kayak. We managed to move some stuff to a higher level, but there wasn’t a lot we could do,” recalled Mick Breene, Club Manager. “By the time the water stopped rising, it had reached the bottom level of the clubhouse. It is going to take several weeks before we get back to normal.”

Beenleigh Multisports Association during the 2022 floods.

The team at Logan City Guides along with a hoard of volunteers, arrived bright and early on Saturday then went to work removing the mud, waterlogged debris and equipment any way we could. Multiple catchers blasted the mud while rows of people with brooms, rakes and shovels worked to clear away the mud. While others scrubbed and disinfected what could be saved, like chairs, marquees and the kitchen equipment. We were treated to delicious bacon and egg burgers and a sausage sizzle throughout the day, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Beenleigh and Hunt Property Sisters.

 “I felt very privileged that people generously gave their time and support and the opportunity to have a chat at any time. It has certainly been more than we could have ever anticipated,” commented Mick.

“I wish we could thank everyone individually for the help that they have given since the floods. The clean up on Saturday was massive. We are so overwhelmed with the love and support we have received as a club,” thanked Mick.

“Thank you to everyone that gave up their Saturday to help us try to pick up after the floods. The floods impacted us majorly; however, don’t worry, we’re all just as eager to get back as you are!”

For more information and to keep up to date about the Beenleigh Multisports Association, visit their website, http://bmsa.org.au/.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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