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Christmas Crafts with a Personal Touch

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Make Christmas Magical with these Personal Touches

This Christmas craft guide is brought to you by Spotlight. 

Let’s be very clear: Christmas is, by default, magical. So, lucky for us parents, anything we do above and beyond the baseline is just a glacé cherry on top of the holiday pud. But looking back on my own childhood Christmases, it’s those personal, above-and-beyond touches that stand out. The creepy Mr. and Mrs. Claus my mum lovingly made from litre bottles and flesh-tone pantyhose are forever etched in my memory. And the bag of ornaments that my parents collected throughout my childhood and gave to me when I moved into my first proper grown-up house – each one tells a little tale about me and my life.

Christmas is a truly brilliant excuse to get creative. Whether it’s coming up with new, innovative ways to gorge on ham and rum balls, express love to the special people around you or shape some beautiful memories for your kids.

I’ll leave the ham and rum ball innovation to you, but I’d love to help you cook up some creativity with a few of my favourite personalised stocking ideas. Best of all, you can pick up everything you need in your local Spotlight store. 

  1. Advent Calendar Stocking

What You Need:

  1. Full-size stocking
  2. Velcro (a strip you can cut into small squares or a pack of pre-cut Velcro circles)
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. 4 mini stockings
  5. Four small gifts or treats that will fit inside the mini stockings

Although 24 thumb-sized stocking pups would be unbelievably cute, I recommend reducing the usual advent calendar model down to four weekly gifts for this project. Load those mini stockings up with some pint-sized pressies and once a week for the December lead-up to Christmas, your little one can pick a pup to pluck from their big stocking.

To make your very own Advent Calendar Stocking, use a hot glue gun to attach four bits of the spiky half of Velcro to the full-size stocking. Next, attach the matching furry Velcro pieces to your mini stockings. The hot glue should do a pretty darn good job but you can always sew the Velcro onto the stockings if you’re so inclined!

PRO TIP: Score yourself some alone-ish time during the holidays by making some Extra TV or App Store Game Purchase vouchers to chuck in alongside the other little gifts.

  1. Simple Name Banner

What You Need:

  1. Full-size stocking with a fold-down trim at the top (like those red and white ones with the fluffy white trim)
  2. One sheet of felt
  3. Thread and needle
  4. Pin
  5. Iron-on letters and iron

This stocking personalisation craft is super simple but comes out so cute! All you need is a full-size stocking, felt, basic sewing supplies and iron-on letters. You also need to know your child’s name, which should come to mind even on the most hectic of pre-holiday days.

First, figure out the width for your banner based on the iron-on letters you pick out. Just cut the letters from their sheet, lay them out on the felt and mark how wide the banner should be to get the best look. Next, trim the felt to that width. After that, fold your banner piece in half and make a 45-degree cut at the bottom with the lower point of the angle at the open side and the higher point of the angle at the folded side. Unfold and the end of your banner should have a rather fancy-looking double-pointed end.

Before ironing your letters on, place the felt banner on the stocking, slipping the top of it under the stocking’s folded-down trim. Take note of where the letters should start/stop then go ahead and iron them on!

Now you’re ready to assemble. Unfold the stocking’s trim and place the banner, securing it with a pin. Sew the banner onto the stocking, stitching right along the top of the felt banner. When you’re done, fold the trim back down and hang that bad boy by the chimney with care.

PRO TIP: Check what colour the inside of the stocking is and use thread that matches it. But also maybe don’t because no human child is going to care about colour-coordinated stitches on Christmas morning.

  1. All the Trimmings

What You Need:

  1. Full-size stocking
  2. Whatever trimsjewelsbuttons and patches catch your kid’s eye!
  3. Hot glue gun and heavy thread and needle to attach the bling

This is a fun one for kids that are old enough to take the idea somewhat seriously but still young enough to dream up a stocking that they’ll be deeply embarrassed by 5-10 years later.

If you have a child in that age range, take them to Spotlight and instruct them to pick out all the best things. Trims, ribbons, buttons, patches, feathers – whatever their heart desires! When their trove is complete, be sure to grab a stocking and anything you’ll need to get the treasures onto the stocking (hot glue and needle/thread should work for most things).

Once you’re home and ready to craft, help your kiddo deck their stocking with boughs of everything, sparing no extravagance.

PRO TIP: If at any time, someone describes the finished stocking as “extra”, you have done very well!

Spotlight has everything you need for Christmas: From decorations, presents and all the trimmings, you can head in-store, or buy online: https://www.spotlightstores.com/christmas

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