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5 Points For Simplifying Your Systems

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By Helen Cowley, SBIS

1. Analysis of the Current Workflows.

There is no point in setting up an automated workflow unless you know the benefits you expect to receive, and how your workflows can be improved. Unexamined workflows get out of date and stale quickly. Checking your workflow task level, on a regular basis, enables business users to tweak processes for optimal efficiency and workplace productivity. Workflow analysis often reveals redundant tasks, bottlenecks, and opportunities for more automation.

2. Take a Look at the Big Picture

I think it’s easier to get an understanding of what the big picture is by looking at what it is not. It’s not the small day-to-day details. It’s not any individual product or service. It’s not any single strategy.

An example of this is: You’re excited about your latest project for your business. You have a big goal and you know this project will help you meet it. But instead of working on it, every day you get caught up in all the things you “have to do.” Answering emails. Pinning a certain number of pins. Curating that beautiful
Instagram feed. If this is happening to you, then you need to step back and look at the big picture.

3. Systemise your Digital/Paperwork Documentation

Create a replicate filing system for both paper and computer records. Name all your
documents with a page footer name – doing so will ensure you can find what you’re looking for without taking wasted time scouring through extensive files. Looking for something as I am sure most of us have at some stage certainly can be a time-waster.

4. Manage the Process

It’s very important to make an inventory of all the existing processes in your business. Reduce Non-Value-Added Steps. Improve the Measurement System. Use resources effectively.

  • Keep the process simple. …
  • Hedge against variability. …
  • Don’t fall in love with technology. …
  • Manage the supply chain. …

5. Priorities

FOCUS on things that have the following Critical success factors in your business.

• Are vital to the organization’s success.
• Benefit the business or department as a whole.
• Be equal to a high-level goal.
• Link directly to your business strategy.

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