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4 Male Beauty Myths

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Think your body soap can be used to wash your face? Or that wearing a hat can speed up hair loss? Fellas, it’s time to learn what’s true, and false, about four beauty myths.

A close shave requires lots of shaving gel. – FALSE!

Many men believe they need to plaster their face with a thick coat of shaving cream, foam or gel to get a perfect shave. In fact, the amount of product you use has absolutely no bearing on the quality of your shave. For a flawless shave, simply follow these steps:

  • Prepare your skin by washing with a gentle cleanser and rinsing with hot water;
  • Apply an almond-sized amount of shaving gel to your cheeks, chin and neck to prevent cuts and irritation;
  • Begin by shaving in the direction of the stubble growth to avoid nicks and ingrown hairs, then shave against the grain; and
  • Soothe your inflamed skin by massaging the shaved areas with a moisturizing balm.

Body soap can also be used to wash your face. – FALSE!

There are bars of soap enriched with nourishing ingredients (almond oil, shea butter, etc.) and excellent all-in-one shower gels, which can be used to wash your body and hair. As efficient as they may be, these products are not made for the delicate skin of your face. It is therefore essential to use a cleanser adapted for facial use and specially formulated for your skin type, whether dry, combination, normal or oily.

Wearing a hat causes hair loss. – FALSE!

It’s true that hair loss affects nearly 66% of men across the world. However, the reasons for this have nothing to do with constantly wearing a hat. Some 95% of hair loss is the result of genetics. Ageing, stress and pollution can also play a minor role.

Men can use their girlfriend’s anti-ageing care. – FALSE!

As men don’t share the same hormonal status as women, their skin is often thicker and oilier, and the creases caused by wrinkles appear later but tend to be deeper. To fight the effects of fatigue and ageing, men should apply a rich, nourishing care product specially formulated for them twice a day, after cleansing or shaving.

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Emily Stack
Emily Stack
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